Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! I have been considering making a blog for a few years now and I’ve finally decided to give it a shot. I know the vlog says “A Day in the Teenage Life” and all, but I’m not going to post pictures of coffee or rant about how I hate my mom. I’d like to think this blog will capture who I really am. So I guess the question is… Who am I? Well i am not your average teen for one main reason, I am a¬†theatre loving 18 year-old who is allergic to water.(That raises a lot of questions, I am aware of that, and I will go more into depth in a separate post.)¬†Join me as I blog about the funny, crazy experience I call my life. Sometimes it’s just better to laugh about life than to get upset and that’s what I try to do. Although, sometimes I am not too successful, I try my best.